Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey , Happy Holidays to all you great people out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Been Busy ~ Diabetes Update

I realize I haven't posted in ages .. ALOT has been going on... This damn diabetes is a real pain in the ass ~ our whole insulin schedule has been turned upside down & finally #'s are closer to 130!! We added the 24hr slow release insulin "Levemir" now & are doing the whole BOLUS thing where as before we just used a sliding scale accompanied by a morn. NPH and a bed NPH BECAUSE it actually used to work... UNTIL,,,We kept on staying in the high 200's ughhh.. Now target 130 is in sight & below OF COURSE! However, we DID branch out & take advantage of a wonderful 2week program @ CAMP JOSLIN ~ WOW! They are GREAT !!!! My son had the time of his life & now handles his own shots with EASE! He always calculated his own carbs BUT now he seems more confident. He is handling his lows on his own ... WHAT A GREAT CAMP! EVERY kid should have this opportunity.. The kids there are from all over the USA.
EVERYTHING at camp it is VERY IMPRESSIVE! They also have MANY scholarships avail for those who cant afford it & the sad thing is....alot of people don't know about it... Well, gotta go lots to do today ! Hope everybody is enjoying their summer!!!!!!!!!! School is around the corner already...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm back ...

Hey ~ I'm BACK! Been way too busy lately... as for the diabetes all is good!

PS. Klondike's Slim A Bear ice cream sandwiches pretty much rock ~ their carb/sugar for 1 at a sitting is VERY good.

At any rate , I'll have to check back in and see how you all are doing! We finally have alot of good weather here in Massachusetts YIPPEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Diabetes Update

Numbers are GRRREAT! Huh? Yeah, I dont really get it BUT we likey ALOT !!!!



The Annual Spring Fling “Feelin’ Groovy” Dance is this Friday!
April 13th
7-10 pm
$10 Suggested Donation

Don’t be a square, put on your boogie shoes and get down at the Spring Fling! This is an integrated function with students from North Reading High School (Massachusetts) . Dress is 1970’s, whether your scene is disco or hippie! RSVP is required to attend! Attendants are invited and welcome. Supervision is provided. Bring your friends, just remember to have them fill out an emergency fact sheet located at

Friday, April 6, 2007

Diabetes Update

Approx. 1 crappy # a day... Ugh.. BUT a heck of alot better!! If only we had some better weather !! Sun and lowered blood sugars go hand in hand... Easter is coming Yikes ~ its a hard one ~ moderation moderation moderation AND very little TEMPTATION... This years Easter basket and egg hunt will be full of fun inexpensive odds and ends as well as a FEW small/low carb treats . Wishing you all a fantastic Easter ~ knowing its not really about "candy" ~ enjoy your family & friends ...... Pig out on the veggies insted :)

PS. Dont forget to sign the petition


All Nations United Under One Cause ~ The Diabetic Epidemic Have you signed in yet ???? Check it out ...

Children Who Make a Difference :)

Miss. Rossi goes to Washington Amity Observer, CT - Apr 4, 2007 Living with diabetes every day is a constant balancing act of managing food intake with exercise, and considering a host of other factors that people take for granted.... 2 thumbs up for the beautiful Miss Rossi !!!! Please take the time ~ click on above link to view this article

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sound Advice

An apple a day

keeps everyone away,

If your aim is good enough ...

Easter is coming....

Monday, April 2, 2007

Patience Needed ...

Getting a child to do something he/she doesnt want to do is insane sometimes.... Simply writting a report becomes a war.... I am fed up! Sometimes one has to ask themselves should I just let the child fail ?? Or should I keep up the good fight and take a Tylenol?? Any good advice is VERY welcome...Because this is crazy ~ NOW it's a can't write in cursive.... ugh! Good Night.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Diabetes Update

Had an appt. w/nutritionist today ... She expressed balance thru integrating more fiber and proteins to our diet plan. Her food ideas were (excluding~cheeses,yogurt, nuts/peanutbutter) : "Kashi" bars, hummus(a personal favorite), "Cracklin' Oatbran", "Frosted mini wheats", "Puffs" cereals, "Thomas" multi grain/hi fiber english muffins, 1/2c. of "Eddy's" slow churned lite ice cream was fine ... She did however say that sweet kiddie cereals were a no no (derrr..) and those "Special K" breakfast bars had too much sugar as well as "Go-gurts" and "Kellogg's"Rice Crispies treats (which uses the ADA's name on the box etc..?)... At any rate breakfast bars/cereal bars have to be switched to Kashi type bars , white breads and muffins to hi fiber options, and Regular yogurt is still the best bet. Of course we eat fruit etc.. BUT 3 snack times a day turns into ALOT of snacks! Kids really get sick of eating if its the same thing every time... We'll see how this works.. Regarding LAST diabetic update ~ ice cream at night DOES keep him from dropping at 4:am on an active day... SOON his #'s will change again w/the warm weather! He's always is active w/good #'s in the spring summer.. Maybe we should just move to a sunnier destination !! LOL

Monday, March 19, 2007

Diabetes Update

We had a HECK of a week ~ numbers are in control ?? BUT,,,, with exercise we had a lot of lows.... The diabetes nurse recommended adding more fat to the diet at night AND sipping on small amounts of Gatorade during playtime... The Gatorade thing is a little bit hard to manage : 4oz per hour for regular play..8oz per hour for real exercise swim,shovel/sled,rollerblading,etc .. Little kids don't want to drink 1 to 2 oz every 15min . BUT I told her we'd try ,SO, we're doing it and sooo far its ummmm, ok... ha!! Also she recommended ice cream before bed to keep him from dropping off at 12-4:am (UGH...). ALL in ALL , its worth it to fight the good fight ! So, I'm gonna need a little sleep ~ ya think? Its way to late to be up on the computer... I haven't been bloggin' much lately because I had the "FinePleasure" of experiencing some cracked ribs and muscle trauma over last weekend.. All because I wanted my damn hair to look straight and silky LOL! Oil sprays and tile DON'T mix..nope...they don't! ~ buyer beware

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maya Angelou an Inspiration to ALL

You can only become truly
at something you love.

Don't make money your goal.

PURSUE the things you LOVE doing.

and do them SO WELL,


~Maya Angelou

JDRF ~ Diabetic Pen Pals

Hey !! Good News JDRF has penpals.... go to Make New Friends !!!!!!!!!!!!

Diabetes Burnout ~ Know the Signs

Burnout is a real problem for many kids with type 1 diabetes according to the JDRF. Its true day after day same routines and feeling those highs and lows certainly takes a toll. Not to mention the worrying, pricking of sore fingers, taking shots or changing pumps, always carrying extra snacks, and all the other stressful things that come with this disease... For example: My 9yr old son when asked how he feels about his diabetes giggled and said, "Diabetes is a big poo-poo in the toilette of life!"
Actually, Burnout is a very serious matter. It can be more than feeling tired over daily routines which is normal. Burnout means that you're so fed up that you refuse to deal with having diabetes anymore. It's when you stop taking care of yourself and life is quickly spirals out of control...
Burnout usually strikes teens and 'tweens (ages 11-12) who have had diabetes for many years,but it can happen to anyone.


1) you're truly fed up w/diabetes and stop taking care of yourself
(checking blood sugar, taking insulin, etc..)
2) you feel out of control and ready to give up
3) you're no longer interested in activities you usually enjoy
4) you're isolating yourself from friends and family
5) you're schoolwork is suffering and/or job
6) you feel unhappy in general
To read more about Diabetic Burnout , log on to JDRF Kids Online:

Diabetes Update...

Ahhh, yet another sucessful night ! Although 1 observation made ~ if 1hour passes upon waking bloodsugar seems to rise for NO REASON ???? We went out to breakfast & unfortunately it takes a bit of time.. But, it was TASTY :)

"The Art of Living"

The goal of life
is to make your heartbeat
match the beat of the universe,
to match your nature with Nature.
~ Joseph Campbell

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Diabetes Update

New insulin amounts have got those high blood sugars on the run ! YIPPEE!!!!! :)

Happy Thought ~ Pic of the Day !

Joseph Campbell ~ Art

Art is a transforming experience.... The revelation of art is not ethics, nor judgment, nor even of humanity as one generally thinks of it. Rather, the relevation is a marveling recognition of the radiant Form of forms that shines through all things.... The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it......

Picture: Joseph Campbell @ National Arts Club receiving Medal of Honor ~ 1985

Friday, March 2, 2007

Riding that Diabetes Roller Coaster ...Hang in there Friends ~ We will be doing the same!

Yes, I am a Pirate ~ Two Hundred Years too late...

Buffet is Back...

Hey! All you PARROTHEADS the man is coming back ~ Sept.2007 Gillette Stadium!!! AND I AM SO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you didnt get your tickets already (sold out in 15min) dont feel too bad you know e-bay will havem'.. This gives everybody plenty of time to plan their gear LOL! A concert not to be missed ALWAYS a blast ! Will post pics then .. I'm soooo excited to go !!!!!!!!!! Take a peek at a Buffet Concert Clip !!