Saturday, March 10, 2007

Diabetes Burnout ~ Know the Signs

Burnout is a real problem for many kids with type 1 diabetes according to the JDRF. Its true day after day same routines and feeling those highs and lows certainly takes a toll. Not to mention the worrying, pricking of sore fingers, taking shots or changing pumps, always carrying extra snacks, and all the other stressful things that come with this disease... For example: My 9yr old son when asked how he feels about his diabetes giggled and said, "Diabetes is a big poo-poo in the toilette of life!"
Actually, Burnout is a very serious matter. It can be more than feeling tired over daily routines which is normal. Burnout means that you're so fed up that you refuse to deal with having diabetes anymore. It's when you stop taking care of yourself and life is quickly spirals out of control...
Burnout usually strikes teens and 'tweens (ages 11-12) who have had diabetes for many years,but it can happen to anyone.


1) you're truly fed up w/diabetes and stop taking care of yourself
(checking blood sugar, taking insulin, etc..)
2) you feel out of control and ready to give up
3) you're no longer interested in activities you usually enjoy
4) you're isolating yourself from friends and family
5) you're schoolwork is suffering and/or job
6) you feel unhappy in general
To read more about Diabetic Burnout , log on to JDRF Kids Online:

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Dawn said...

Yup! "poo-poo" kids just love that talk..LOL! Its VERY justified though ;)