Monday, August 20, 2007

Been Busy ~ Diabetes Update

I realize I haven't posted in ages .. ALOT has been going on... This damn diabetes is a real pain in the ass ~ our whole insulin schedule has been turned upside down & finally #'s are closer to 130!! We added the 24hr slow release insulin "Levemir" now & are doing the whole BOLUS thing where as before we just used a sliding scale accompanied by a morn. NPH and a bed NPH BECAUSE it actually used to work... UNTIL,,,We kept on staying in the high 200's ughhh.. Now target 130 is in sight & below OF COURSE! However, we DID branch out & take advantage of a wonderful 2week program @ CAMP JOSLIN ~ WOW! They are GREAT !!!! My son had the time of his life & now handles his own shots with EASE! He always calculated his own carbs BUT now he seems more confident. He is handling his lows on his own ... WHAT A GREAT CAMP! EVERY kid should have this opportunity.. The kids there are from all over the USA.
EVERYTHING at camp it is VERY IMPRESSIVE! They also have MANY scholarships avail for those who cant afford it & the sad thing is....alot of people don't know about it... Well, gotta go lots to do today ! Hope everybody is enjoying their summer!!!!!!!!!! School is around the corner already...


Christine-Megan said...

Great to hear from you again! I'm so pleased things are going so well. I've heard great things about Camp Joslin.

Zo Zo said...

I'm from across the pond in the UK, we dont really have camps in the UK but i'm hoping to come to america and canada next year to check out what the camps are like over your way. So that then i can set up on in the UK and fill that gap!

I'm glad your son has taken a lot from the camp!